3 Muhacaona (Demba) Anklets – Kunene Region (Kaokoland), Namibia

Engreved and colored PVC water pipe:

  • Anklet 1: cm. 7,8 high – diameter cm. 8,1 – Grams 68,2;
  • Anklet 2: cm. 7,4 high – diameter cm. 8,2 – Grams 81,5;
  • Anklet 3: cm. 6,0 high – diameter cm. 8,1 – Grams 42,9.

These ankles are exactly those worn by the girl in the photo.

Muhacaona (or Demba) are indigenous or aboriginal nomadic agriculturalist people living in Kunene region of remote South Angola. Some groups live in Kunene region of North Namibia.

The Mucawana woman just like the Himba people are very fashionable people in their own right. They make fashionable hairstyles (their women`s haircut is made with a mix of fat and herbs for the fragrance) and adorn their body with ornaments. So the girls like to use every kind of material, even simple PVC Water Pipes, to make some bracelets they wear on arms and legs.

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