Old Ceremonial Staffs – Lia / Nkundu / Konda – DR Congo

Mid 20th century. Iron, wood. Cm. 50,0 and cm. 46,0 high. Prestige staffs like these, dating from the colonial period,... read more

Old Pair Berber Fibulae – TIZERZAI – Ait Serhrouchen Tribe – North East Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Tribal metal, glass beads. The piece is cm. 91,5 in lenght (36.02"); each fibula is cm.... read more

Authentic Tuareg Bag and Smoking Pipe – Mauritania

The bag is cm. 15,8 long x cm. 6,2 width (6.22" x 2.44"). The pipe (brass, copper, resin) is... read more

Authentic Tuareg Bag and Smoking Pipe – Mauritania

Mid 20th century. Silver, mediterranean coral grams 12,7 (0.77 oz); cm. 8,0 high (4.13" x 1.54”). The Imazighen (singular Amazigh)... read more

Old Lobi Talisman – Komé / Thungbubiel – Burkina Faso

Animal bone, leather; gr. 65,4 (2.31 oz.); cm. 11,0 high x cm. 4,2 width (4.33″ x 1.65″). Wonderful brown Mahogany... read more

Antique Spiral Bracelet – African Currency – MITAKO – Teke Tribe – Congo / Gabon

Copper and zinc alloy. 19th century. Diameter cm. 7,8; inner diameter cm. 6,0; Cm. 3,8 high; gr. 461,3. The name of... read more

Old Fine Kuba Overskirt – BUSHOONG – Ntshakabwiin – DR Congo

Early to mid 20th. Raffia Vinifera fibers. Approximately cm. 140,0 x cm. 70,0. The Kuba (or Bakuba) peoples are famous for producing beautiful fabrics made ​​from fibers of the palm Raphia Vinifera by a long... read more

Old Dogon Ring – Horse – Mali

Bronze. Cm. 6,0 high (2.36"). Inner diameter cm. 2,2 (0.87"); US size 11.0. Gr. 17,9 (0.63 oz.). Metal works like this... read more