Salampasu Circumcision Panel – DR Congo

  Polychromic Panel in Wood and Pigments. Cm. 86,0 x cm. 59,0. Like most ethnic groups in DR Congo, the Salampasu... read more

Old Berber Woman’s Headscarf – KETFIYA – Gabès Region, Tunisia

1960'-1970'. Wool. Without fringes, approximately cm. 78,5 x 92,0 (30.91” x 36.22”). Tie and dye. Excellent conditions.   For similar examples see: - page... read more

Kuba Bag – DR Congo

Raffia Vinifera fibers, seeds, shells. Approx. cm. 30,0 width x cm. 14,0 high(11.81” x 5.51"). Very good conditions. The... read more

Double Pair Berber Bracelets – ASBIA’ IQUORAIN – Ait Atta Tribe – Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Tribal Metal gr. 1.844, (37.53 oz.). The bracelets with the tips are cm. 11,8 width x... read more

Berber Embroidered Headgear – South Morocco

Cotton. Approximately cm. 175,0 high x 112,0 width (68,9” x 44.09”). Good conditions. The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known as the Berbers... read more

Berber Headband – Ait Herbil Tribe – Western Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Early to mid 20th Century. Glass beads, num. 39 old silver coins 1/2 Dirham Morocco - AH 1299 (1881).... read more

Hand of Fatima n. 37 – Draa Valley, Morocco

Early 20th century. Silver gr. 7,0 (0.25 oz); Cm. 8,8 high (3.46”) x cm. 4,9 width (1.81”). Excellent work. The KHAMSA hand (Arabic) or HAMESH... read more

Old Tuareg Lock – Mali/Niger

The lock (iron, brass, copper and silver decorations) is cm. 14,0 long x cm 6,0 width (5.51" x 2.36"). The... read more