Old Fine Baule Mask – Côte d’Ivoire

Mid 20 century. Carved from hard wood and coloured blue and white. Approx. cm. 31,0 high x cm 16,0... read more

Old Berber Woman’s Mantle – Tahendirt – High Atlas, Morocco

Wool. Approx. cm. 190,0 high x 120,0 width (74.80” x 47.24”). Excellent conditions. The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known as the Berbers... read more

Old Berber Caftan – Zintan Region, North Western Libya

Mid 20th century. Cotton and silk. Approximately cm. 140,0 high x 160,0 width (55,12” x 62,99”). Excellent conditions. The Imazighen... read more

Bambara Bag – Mali

Leather. Approx. cm. 31,5 high (12.40″) x cm. 44,0 width (17.32”). With fringes the bag is approx. cm. 58,0... read more

Authentic Exceptional Berber Pipe – Apricot Wood – Ouazzane, North Morocco

Apricot wood, brass, terracotta mouthpiece, leather bags. The pipe is cm. 64,0 in length (25.2"); perfect conditions, never used. The... read more

Old Berber Fabric With Embroidery Modules – Fez, Morocco

Cotton, wool. Approximately cm. 85,0 high x 82,0 width (33.46” x 32.28”). Excellent conditions. Berbers are the indigenous ethnic group of North... read more

Fine Gan Necklace – TORFAN – Burkina Faso

20th century. Bronze, leather. The necklace is cm. 35,0 in length (13.78"); the Torfan amulet is Cm. 12,0 high... read more

Old Berber Woman’s Mantle – Beni Ourain – Rif Mountains, Taza, North Morocco

  Wool. Approx. cm. 220,0 high x 100,0 width (7.22 x 3.28 ft). Excellent conditions. Extra fine fabric. The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known... read more