Pair Berber Fibulae – TIZERZAI – Souss Region, South Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Tribal metal, red glass. The piece is cm. 63,50 in lenght (25,0"). Gr. 196,6 (6.93 oz). Very good... read more

Dogon Amulet – Mali

Bronze, leather. Cm. 10,3 high x 9,8 width (4.06" x 3.86"). Gr. 103,6 (3.65 oz.). The necklace is cm. 68 long (26.77") The... read more

Fine Tuareg Sandals – Niger

  Braided leather. Approx. cm. 30,0 x 12,8 (11.81” x 5.04”). The Tuareg people inhabit a large area, covering almost all the middle and western... read more

Old Berber Headgear – ADRAR – Ida Ou Nadif – Anti Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Wool, henna dye. Without fringes cm. 93,0 high x cm. 91,0 width (36.61” x... read more

Vintage Berber Rug – Boujaad- Morocco

1990'. Wool. Approximately cm. 210,0 x 140,0 (6.89 x 4.59 Feet).  This rug has been professionally washed Berbers are the indigenous ethnic group... read more

Fine Tuareg Chest – Mauritania

Salampasu Circumcision Panel – DR Congo

  Polychromic Panel in Wood and Pigments. Cm. 86,0 x cm. 59,0. Like most ethnic groups in DR Congo, the Salampasu... read more

Old Berber Woman’s Headscarf – KETFIYA – Gabès Region, Tunisia

1960'-1970'. Wool. Without fringes, approximately cm. 78,5 x 92,0 (30.91” x 36.22”). Tie and dye. Excellent conditions.   For similar examples see: - page... read more