African Currency – KUL – Sara Tribe – Chad

Iron. Mid 20th century. Cm. 44,3 high x 12,7 width (17.44 x 5.00 Inches); grams 89,6 (3.16 oz.).

Its shape is reminiscent of some stylized human figures seen in profile. It comes from ethnic groups that live along the course of the River Logane. Rivellain said that the currency Kul were used in various payments but not in all, and especially not for paying tools or taxes. These currencies were made by smiths of the Ngama group who also distributed them to other groups.

For similar examples and more informations see:

  • “The Perfect Form”, by Roberto Ballarini, page 193;
  • “African Currency”, by Adolfo Bartolomucci, page 75.
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