Amulet, Talisman & Pantacle

The Amulet and the Talisman are found everywhere and always, in all places and at all times: they exist in every civilization and in all societies. Small objects, signs and images, stones or sacred formulas  preserve their power and their mysterious magical force through the millennia.

The word AMULET derives from the Latin “Amuletum” (word used for the first time in 50 AD by Pliny the Elder, the Roman writer) and indicates an object, collected in nature or man-made, that removes diseases and protects from danger, pain and risks caused by evil spirits. The Amulet has, in fact, the essential function of preventing evil and warding off negative energy. The most ancient amulets, the Fetishes, derive their substance from animal or plant: they can be composed of powder, dried herbs and body parts of animals to which it’s given power from traditions or from protective spells.

The specialized evolution of the Amulet is the TALISMAN, which generally does not protect against all that is evil, but against a specific influence and in specific cases. If the amulet protects against bad luck or negative influences, the Talisman is a catalyst of energy, an artificial object whose primary function is to converge on its possessor favorable influences and to achieve certain positive effects. The origin of the term Talisman is uncertain: it is used in arabic under the form of “tilasman” and “tillasm”. Probably the Arabs took the term from the greek “telesma”, which means “sacred object”. The common origin seems to be Jewish, from “tselem” which means “image”.

The evolution of the Talisman is the PANTACLE, which also takes account of the celestial influences and of the numerology. Whoever writes down a “sura” from the Koran to protect themselves during a trip, realizes a Talisman. Whoever, starting from the numerical value of the Arabic letters and in accordance with the astral convergence, writes down a magic square, made of certain specific substances which sanctifies the favorable days and the right hours, creates a Pantacle.