Banda Throwing Knife “Ondo” –YAKPA / WADA Tribe – DR Congo

Around 1920 – Very good condition. Cleansed metal with some corrosion stains here and there. Deep engravings on the blade. Lizard skin on a raffia net. High: cm. 44,5. Weigh: 344,4 grams

The YAKPA and the WADA are peoples who belong to the BANDA ethnic group.
Their big speciality was the engraving of their weapons, for which they has a solid reputation, beyond their work area. The tips of the two branches of the blade form discs, which confer a graceful shape to the knife.
Underneath, just on top of the handle, there is a sharp and pointed extension.
The handle is wrapped with lizard skin on a woven raffia base, and the engravings are placed, such as usual, on the blade.

See: ” Dodelijk mooi ” , Jan Elsen , Brussel , 1992 , pages. 162 , image. 228 (40,20 cm).

Former Belgian colonial collection.

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