Bracelets & Anklets

Berber Bracelet – Tiznit, South Morocco

Mid 20th century. Silver, coral, enamel. Gr. 143,2 (5.05 oz); outler diameter cm. 7,5 (2.95"), inner diameter cm 5,8 (2.28"). Cm. 3,0 high (1.18"). Berbers are the indigenous ethnic group of North Africa. They are continuously distributed from the Atlantic to the Siwa oasis in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean to the [...]

Pair Berber Anklets – Massive Silver – AIT JELIDASSEN Tribe, North Morocco

Early 20th century. Silver grams 530,9 (18.72 oz.); cm. 7,5 high x cm. 7,7 width (2.95″ x 3.03"), inner diameter cm. 6,7 (2.63″). "Ram head" hallmark. Outstanding anklets, extrafine work. The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known as the Berbers are among the original peoples of North Africa. Their myths. Legends and history span [...]

Lobi Bronze Armlet – Crocodile – Burkina Faso

20th century. Diameter cm. 9,8 (3.85"); inner diameter cm. 7,7 (3.03"). Gr. 375,6 (13.24 oz.). The Lobi are an ethnic group that originated in what is today Ghana. Starting around 1770 many of the Lobi migrated into southern Burkina Faso and later into Côte d’Ivoire. The name Lobi originates from two Lobiri words lou [...]

Dogon Bronze Bracelet – Mali

Late 19th early 20th Century. Cm. 9,4 high x 10,1 width (3.70" x 3.97"); inner diameter cm. 7,5 (2.95"). Gr. 274,4 (9.67 oz.). This is a rare and magnificent example of a Dogon bracelet – attributed to the Hogon (Dogon king). It shows old patina from usage, and is decorated with a [...]