Head Adornments

Frontal Parure – CHARWITA – Mauritania

Mid 20th century. Shells (tafoun), agate, carnelian and glass beads. Old boghdad cross (gilden copper). Approx. cm. 19,0 width x cm. 6,5 high (7.48" x 2.56"); gr. 127,8 (4.51 oz.). Before performing the dance of seduction (guedra), mauritanian women wear a parure embellished with different amulets. You can see a similar piece on: page [...]

Berber Temporal Parure – Jebl Bani Region, South Morocco

1960'. Shells on leather grams 275,4 (3.07 oz.); cm. 19,0 high (2.95″ x 2.16"). Rare item. For a similar example see: “A World of Head Ornaments “, by Anne van Cutsem, p. 30. Berbers are the indigenous ethnic group of North Africa. They are continuously distributed from the Atlantic to the Siwa oasis in Egypt, [...]