Sculptures & Masks

Baule Ceremonial Mask – Ivory Coast

Mid 20th century. Paint wood cm. 38,5 high x cm. 18,5 width (14.56" x 7.48"). The paint is made with sap from a local tree. The Baule are noted for their fine wooden sculpture, particularly for their ritual statuettes representing ghosts or spirits; these, as well as carved ceremonial masks, were originally associated with [...]

Bakongo Yombe MOTHER / CHILD Figures – Republic of Congo

1960'. Wood. Cm. 20,7 high (8.14"); grams 261,0 (9.20"). The Bakongo people (or Kongo people) have traditionally recognized their descent from their mother, and this lineage links them into kinship groups. Mother and child figures represents the female ancestor taking care of her descendants. This commemorative figure would have been used [...]

Bamana-Bambara – Door Lock – Mali

Mid 20th century; cm. 60,0 high x cm. 43,5 width (23.62 x 17.12”). Used to protect houses and granaries, Bamana doorlocks range from the abstract and symbolic to representations of ancestors. Locks such as these were fixed with large iron staples through holes to house doors, which were usually plain. Placing an image [...]