CHAMBA Ritual Objet – Northen Cameroon

Early to mid 20th century. Cm. 59,5 high x 15,0 width (23.43 x 5.91 Inches); grams 956 (33.65 oz.).

The Chamba people have their own particular religious beliefs known as the Chamba religion.

The traditional religion of the Chamba is premised on a creator solar God (Su) and ancestor spirits who live with this creator. The sun god does not interact with living beings, but the ancestor spirits do. The dead (wurumbu) are believed to continue living, but they live below the ground, follow the same style and sophistication as humans, but they are believed to be wiser and with supernatural power. Special people among the Chamba are believed to be able to interact with these ancestral spirits and they are revered by the Chamba people.

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