Kirdi Shield – Cameroon

Cow hide cm. 70,0 high x cm. 41,0 width (27.56″ x 16.14″).

This is a classic shield shaped from the Kirdi of Cameroon. Has a rectangular raised centre with a double compass design around. There are hundreds of bumps throughout the front, creating a textured sculptural object.

The name of Kirdi – which in Arabic means non-Muslim – is attributed to the many ethnic groups, animist, of Sudanese origin, who live in the northern Cameroon. The Bata, Fali, Fata, Gemjek, Guidar, Giziga, Hurza, Kapsiki, Mada, Mafa, Massa, Matakam, Mofou, Mora, Mousgoum, Muyang, Ouldeme, Podoko, Toupouri, Vame and Zulgo are all considered Kirdi.

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