A Gan Pair of Aluminium Figures – Burkina Faso

Aluminium. The female figure is cm. 20,5 high (8.07″); grams 224,3 (7.91 oz.).The male figure is cm. 19,5 high (7.68″); grams 222,2 (7.84 oz);

The Gan are based in the south-west region of Burkina Faso. For the Gan, every form of power is legitimized by its relation to a traditional and official state system of cults dedicated to a pantheon of supernatural entities, associated in particular with the spirits of the dead. The cult objects and symbols identifying these entities – spectacular figurations – turn out to play a determining role in the procedures for relating the present to the past, to the point of constituting formidable “objects of memory”.


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Weight700 g