A Tribally Used Senufo Maternity – Ivory Coast


Hardwood. Cm. 55,0 high (21.65″). Grams 2.118 (74.71 oz.). Fine high aged brown patina.

A female Senufo maternity, big round gluteae rest heavily on a four legged stool with a round seat, the hands touch the knees, the protruding abdomen with a pointed navel, standing, tapering breasts, the large head with a domed multi-parted, striated coiffure with braids, the oval face finely cut, the round mouth shows gritted teeth, the nose looks like an upside down T, almond-shaped eyes with big eyebrows, scarifications all over the face, the breasts, shoulders and back, star-like scarifications around the navel, on her back clings a child held by a broad band around it’s and the mother’s waist. fine high aged brown patina.


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Weight3100 g