Huge Fine Gan Bronze – TORFAN – Burkina Faso

20th century. The bronze has a diameter of cm. 17,7 (6.97″); Gr. 519,2 (18.31 oz.).

“The Torfan are spiritual entities that may have one or more heads (up to ten) and express themselves in different forms. These amulets have great power; the strength is increased by the number of heads they have. Any owner of a Torfan is necessarily a healer. The Torfan is used to discover the devious side of evil people. … .Thanks to its Torfan, the healer intervene and bring healing. This is not an invention, but a long tradition, that I received from my ancestors.” Diviner Khama Sinsi – from page of 32 of “Bronzes gan – la spirale du serpent”, by Bertrand Goy and Maine Durieu Lost-wax casting.

The mold is destroyed every time; every object is a unique piece. For more information and similar examples, “Bronzes gan – la spirale du serpent”, by Bertrand Goy and Maine Durieu, Editions Sépia – 2005, provides a close analysis of the Gan Bronzes, examining them both thematically and aesthetically.

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Weight519,2 g