Old Fine Senufo Twin Kpelie Mask – Ivory Coast


Mid 20th century. Heavy hardwood cm. 37,0 high x cm. 19,0 width (14.56″ x 7.48″). gr. 741,7 (26.16 oz.). This mask belonged to a French collector and was acquired in the sixties. Kpelie masks are usually oval in shape with arched crescent shaped eyebrows over narrow slit eyes. The small mouth opens below a slender nose. Scarification marks add to presentation of what is considered beautiful to the Senufo. On either side of the temples are semicircular and rectangular shapes that represent the stylized coiffure worn by Senufo mothers; the center shapes at the side representing ears. There are often two appendages on either side of the chin, “legs” that connect the spirit to the earth.

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Weight741.7 g