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Lobi Bronze Amulet – Scorpion – Burkina Faso

20th century. Cm. 7,0 high x 4,0 width (2.76" x 1.57"); Gr. 38,3 (1.35 oz.). Lost-wax casting. The mold is destroyed every time; every object is a unique piece. The Lobi are an ethnic group that originated in what is today Ghana. Starting around 1770 many of the Lobi migrated into southern Burkina Faso and [...]

Bone Lobi Pendant – Thungbubiel – Burkina FasoBone Lobi Pendant – Thungbubiel – Burkina Faso

Early to mid 20th century. Cm. 10,8 high (4.2") x cm. 4,9 width (1.9"); gr. 62,1 (2.18 oz.) Thungbubiel is worn by esteemed Lobi men at festivals and funerals. A similar example on page 143 of "Africa Adorned" by Angela Fisher. Early to mid 20th century. Cm. 10,8 high (4.2") [...]