Traditional Wazir Dress – Bakka Khel Tribe – North Waziristan, Pakistan

Mid 20th century or earlier. Handmade embroidery cotton, mirrows. The piece is cm. 104 high (40.94″).

The Wazirs are in Karlani Pashtun tribe found in Pakistan and on its border with Afghanistan. The tribe comprises two geographically separate subgroups and are found in the Waziristan region That takes its name from them. The Utmanzai are settled in the North Waziristan and the Ahmadzai are in the South Waziristan. Those subgroups are in turn divided further, for example into Utmanzai tribes: such as the Bakka Khel and Jani Khel.

The common ancestor of the Ahmadzai and Utmanzai is believed by them to be the eponymous Wazir. Through Wazir, the tribes trace Their origins to Karlani and thence to the founder of the Pashtun lineage, Qais Abdur Rashid. Some western ethnologists consider them of being mix of Scythian or Tatar ethnicity.

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