Authentic Tribal Used Dan Dean Gle Mask – Touba, Côte d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast

1970. Wood, raffia fibres. The piece is cm. 67,0 high (26.38″). The mask is cm. 22,0 high x cm. 14,5 width (8.66″ x 5.71″).

The one for sale is a male mask that is part of a female / male couple (please see the last two photos).

Masks are the most important art form of the Dan people of Ivory Coast and Ivory Coast. The Dan people refer to these masks as Gle or Ge, terms that refers both to the physical mask and the individual spirits the mask is believed to embody during masquerade performances.

Gle can be divided into two categories: that of Dean Gle, which is a gentle, peaceful gle without a gender, but whose qualities are thought of as feminine and that of Bu Gle, which is the war Gle named after the sound of a gunshot, whose qualities are thought of as masculine.

The dean gle mask represents an idealized version of Dan beauty. It is characterized by narrow eyes, an oval shape, a smooth forehead, and a mouth slightly open to expose teeth. Dean gle’s functions are to teach, entertain and nurture.


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