Kuba Bag – DR Congo

Raffia Vinifera fibers, seeds, shells. Approx. cm. 30,0 width x cm. 14,0 high(11.81” x 5.51"). Very good conditions. The... read more

Double Pair Berber Bracelets – ASBIA’ IQUORAIN – Ait Atta Tribe – Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Tribal Metal gr. 1.844, (37.53 oz.). The bracelets with the tips are cm. 11,8 width x... read more

Berber Embroidered Headgear – South Morocco

Cotton. Approximately cm. 175,0 high x 112,0 width (68,9” x 44.09”). Good conditions. The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known as the Berbers... read more

Berber Headband – Ait Herbil Tribe – Western Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Early to mid 20th Century. Glass beads, num. 39 old silver coins 1/2 Dirham Morocco - AH 1299 (1881).... read more

Hand of Fatima n. 37 – Draa Valley, Morocco

Early 20th century. Silver gr. 7,0 (0.25 oz); Cm. 8,8 high (3.46”) x cm. 4,9 width (1.81”). Excellent work. The KHAMSA hand (Arabic) or HAMESH... read more

Old Tuareg Lock – Mali/Niger

The lock (iron, brass, copper and silver decorations) is cm. 14,0 long x cm 6,0 width (5.51" x 2.36"). The... read more

Old Berber Box Amulet – Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Early to mid 20th century. Silver, traces of gilding grams 57,4 (2.02 oz.). The necklace is cm. 50 long (19.69"). The box amulet... read more

Antique Byzantine Cross Reliquary – Enkolpion – 9th-10th century – Holy Land

  Bronze. Cm. 5,1 x cm. 2,9 (2.1 x 1.14 Inches); gr. 13,5 (0.48 oz.). Complete, excellent condition. read more