Old Berber Box Amulet – Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Early to mid 20th century. Silver, traces of gilding grams 57,4 (2.02 oz.). The necklace is cm. 50 long (19.69"). The box amulet... read more

Antique Byzantine Cross Reliquary – Enkolpion – 9th-10th century – Holy Land

  Bronze. Cm. 5,1 x cm. 2,9 (2.1 x 1.14 Inches); gr. 13,5 (0.48 oz.). Complete, excellent condition. read more

Fine Fulani Wedding Talisman – Mali – Rare Item

1970' - gilded silver filigree. The talisman is cm 6,0 high x cm. 5,8 width (2.36" x 2.28"). Gr. 33,5 (1.18 oz.). Fulani,... read more

Old Tuareg Lock – Mali/Niger

Old Tuareg Lock – Mali/Niger

The lock (iron, brass and copper decorations) is cm. 14,2 long x cm 5,0 width (5.59" x 1.96"). The key... read more

Yoruba Beaded Crown – Ade Oba – South west, Nigeria

Old buttons on basketry. Cm. 46,0 high; diameter cm. 21,0. An Oba's crown represents the highest level of authority vested... read more

Old Tuareg Zinder Cross on Leather Gris-Gris – Niger

Tuareg Tisek ring (silver and agate) on leather gris-gris. Cm. 4,3 high x cm. 3,8 width in lenght (1.69"... read more

Old African Currency – Massive Djerma King Manilla – West Africa

The piece is cm. 13,5 width x 11,0 high (5.31″ x 4.33"). Grams 1616,0 (57 oz.) Used especially as dowry... read more

Old Berber Bracelet – Ida Ou Kensous – Anti Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Silver, glass, enamel, niello decorations Gr. 49,2 (1.74 oz.); cm. 6,0 high x cm. 6,5 width (2.36"... read more