Old Fine Tuareg Earrings – Niger

1970' - Silver grams 20,8 (0.73 oz); cm. 5,7 high x cm. 4,2 width (2.24" x 1.65"). In these earrings,... read more

Old Fine Kuba Raffia – SHOOWA – Kasai Velvet – DR Congo

1970'. Raffia Vinifera fibers. Approximately cm. 61,0 x 61,0  (24.02 x 24.02 Inches). The Kuba (or Bakuba) peoples are famous for producing beautiful fabrics made ​​from fibers of the palm Raphia Vinifera by a long and complex process that includes the participation of men, women and children... read more

Antique Hand of Fatima – KHAMSA – HAMESH – Jewish – Fez, Morocco

19th century. Brass. Gr. 461,4 (16.28 oz.); cm. 17,0 high (6.69”) x cm. 12,5 width (4.92”). This hand is the top... read more

Voodoo Spirits read more

Antique Kris Keris – Malaysia

High: cm. 37,5 (14.76"); grams 236,1 (8.33 oz.). The Keris or Kris in the Malay and Indonesian languages, is an asymmetrical... read more

Bamana Masks, by l’uomo di Mannheim read more

Mbuti o l’odissea dei Pigmei read more

Old Fine Berber Necklace – South Morocco

Mid 20th century. Silver, real amber, coral, amazonite, 2 huge silver beads, shells, glass beads. With the silk stand, the... read more