Old Fine Berber Headband – Tafraout, South Morocco

Mid 20th century. Silver, enamel, niello decorations, old amber beads, old glass beads. The headband is cm. 87,0 in... read more

Pende Tribe. By l’uomo di Mannheim read more

Old Berber Pectoral – Ait Serhrouchen Tribe – North East Morocco – Rare

Early to mid 20th century. Tribal metal, glass beads. Approx. cm. 20,0 high x cm. 30,0 width (7.87" x 11.81"). Grams 144,8... read more

Old Large Hand of Fatima – KHAMSA – HAMESH – Salamander – Morocco

Mid 20th century. Silver gr. 67,5 (2.38 oz); Cm. 10,5 high x cm. 8,2 width (4.13" x 3.22”). Fine work. The salamander is not afraid... read more

Old Large Coptic Cross – Northen Ethiopia

Silver. Cm. 8,9 x cm. 6,2 (3.50 x 2.44 Inches); gr. 22,6 (0.79 oz.). Excellent condition. Pendant crosses are received... read more

Old Fulani / Wadabee Necklace – Gris Gris – Niger

6 leater gris-gris amulets, copper rings. Each gris gris is approx cm. 4,7 high x cm 2,5 width (1.85" x... read more

Old Dan Maternity – Man, Cote d’Ivoire

Wood cm. 54 high; weight 2,1 kg. Motherhood plays an important role in all societies, but in African culture, a... read more

Old Masai (Maasai) Shield – ELONGO – Kenya

Early to mid 20th century. Buffalo hide, pigment, goat sinew, wood handle and frame. Cm. 88,0 high x cm 47,5... read more