Outstanding Fine Dida Ceremonial Necklace – Cote d’Ivoire

The necklace is cm. 62,0 in lenght (24.41″). These necklaces are made of raffia palm fiber. The palette of yellow,... read more

Massive Djerma King Manilla – African Currency – West Africa

Early to mid 20th century. Copper grams 2.512,0. Cm. 13,0 width; inner diameter cm. 7,5 depth. Manillas are a form... read more

Banna Earrings – Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia

Plastic, glass beads. Cm. 3,8 width x cm. 2,5 high (1.50" x 0.98"). Grams 9,5 (0.34 oz). The Banna live... read more

Old Berber Hair Adornment – Foum Zguid, South Morocco

Mid 20th century. Metal disks (symbol of the sacred bread), glass beads on leather. Each piece is approx. cm. 7... read more

Janus Helmet Mask – WANYUGO – Senufo People, Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast

Wood. Cm. 96 width x cm. 20 high x cm. 19 depth. Kg. 8,0. "Zoomorphic helmet masks like the one... read more

Mbuti-Pygmy BARKCLOTH – Ituri Rainforest, DR Congo

Hand-beaten tree-bark, painted with organic pigments. Approx. cm. 75,0 x 45,0 (29.53 x 17.72 Inches). Mbuti people, one of the oldest indigenous... read more

Old Fine Large Kuba Raffia – BUSHOONG – DR Congo

Raffia Vinifera fibers. Mid 20th century. Approximately cm. 46,0 x cm. 220,0 (18.11" x 86.61"). This bark cloth is made by... read more

Old Tuareg Ring – TISEK – Mali

Mid 20th century. Silver and Carnelian – gr. 11,8 (0.41 oz.); cm. 3,5 high x cm. 3,3 width (1.37 " x... read more