Old Bracelet – Lobi Tribe – African Currency – Burkina Faso

Early 20th century. Bronze, lost-wax casting. Grams 188,1 (6.64 oz.). Cm. 5,3 high x 5,8 width (2.09″ x 2.28"); inner... read more

Fine Senufo Necklace – Terracotta Beads – Kapele Village, Korhogo, Côte d’Ivoire

Each bead is handmade. Terracotta beads (diameter from cm 2,0 to cm 2,5 - very resistant) and glass beads.  The... read more

Antique Berber Necklace – Tamegroute, Draa Valley, Morocco – Outstanding Piece

Early 20th century. Old real moroccan amber, old red mediterranean coral, old amazonite beads, old black coral beads (Yemen),... read more

Fine Chaplet – Bone Whale Beads – Tasbih – Mali

Numbers 100 bone whale beads; diameter cm. 1,0 (0.39"). The tasbih is cm 64,0 in length (25.20"). Grams 123,0... read more

Mbuti-Pygmy BARKCLOTH – Ituri Rainforest, DR Congo

Hand-beaten tree-bark, painted with organic pigments. Approx. cm. 85,0 x 43,0 (33.46 x 16.93 Inches). Mbuti-Pygmy Tribe Mbuti people, one of the... read more

Woven Straw Leather Carpet – Tuareg – Niger

Approx. cm. 107,0 x 36,0 (42.13” x 14.17”). Authentic old straw mat decorated with leather strips that form traditional Tuareg geometric designs. Tuareg The Tuareg people... read more

Old Gurage Headrest – Ethiopia

Wood, leather; cm. 19,0 high x cm. 14,5 width (7.48" x 5.71"); gr. 201,6 (7.11 oz.). The Gurage people are... read more

Old Berber Wedding Headdress – Kufiya – Tunisia

Mid 20th century. Cotton, silk, velvet. The piece is cm. 85,5 in length (33.66″); cm. 96,0 with the silk... read more