Old Massive Pair Berber Bracelets – Taza, Northern Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Massive silver. gr. 737,9 (26.02 oz.); diameter cm. 8,2 (3.22″), inner diameter cm. 5,7 (2.24″). These bracelets... read more

Old Tuareg Talisman – TCHEROT – Mali – Fine Work

1970'. Tribal metal, agate and carnelian rings (khroub) gr. 71,7 (2.52 oz.); cm. 8,8 high x cm. 9,2 width (3.46” x 3.62"). In the Tuareg language (Tamahaq), the... read more

Old Tuareg Talisman – TCHEROT – Azawagh, Niger

Mid 20th century. Engraved silver on brass sheet, brass; copper stods. Grams. 34,6 (1.22 oz.); cm. 8,5 high x cm. 6,5 width (3.35” x 2.56"). In the Tuareg... read more

Outstanding Old Senufo Bronze Kpelie Mask – Ivory Coast

Mid 20th century. Bronze cm. 30,0 high x cm. 12,7 width (11.81" x 5.00"). gr. 642,3 (22.66 oz.). Kpelie masks are usually... read more

Authentic Fine Tuareg Tent Decoration – Niger

Approx. cm. 90,0 high x cm. 46,0 width (35.43" x 18.11"). The Tuareg people inhabit a large area, covering almost all... read more

Hamar Waistband – Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia

The Hamar (approx. population 61,000) are principally pastoralists, breeding cattle, goats and sheep. They have a similar veneration for... read more

Large Tuareg Camel Leather Bag – Niger

Extra fine camel leather quality. The bag is cm. 120,0 x 40,5 (39.76” x 15.16”). The Tuareg people inhabit a... read more

Old Edan Ogboni (Osugbo Staff) – Yoruba – Nigeria

Bronze. The female figure is cm. 35,0 high; the male figure is cm. 31,7 high. Grams 1348,0. Headed by the... read more