Fine Fulani Necklace – Burkina Faso

Fine Fulani Necklace – Burkina Faso


Cowrie shell, leather and vegetal fibres. The central amulet has a diameter of cm. 8,0 (3.15″). Gr. 49,3 (1.74 oz.).

Fulani, also called Peul or Fulbe , a primarily Muslim people scattered throughout many parts of West Africa, from Lake Chad, in the east, to the Atlantic coast. They are concentrated principally in Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, and Niger. The Fulani were originally a pastoral people, and their lives and organization were dominated by the needs of their herds. The pastoral Fulani today enjoy greater prestige than town and sedentary agricultural Fulani as the most truly representative of Fulani culture.

The social structure of the pastoral Fulani is egalitarian, in marked contrast to that of other Muslim groups.


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