Old Djerma Bracelet – African Currency – Niger

Early 20th century. Brass grams 368,5 (12.99 oz.). Cm. 6,8 high x cm. 7,5 width (2.67″ x 2.75″); inner diameter cm. 5,8 (2.28″).

The Djerma live in the arid lands of the Sahel. Many live in the Niger River valley and exploit the river for irrigation. They grow millet, sorghum, rice, corn (maize), and tobacco and raise cotton and peanuts (groundnuts) as cash crops. Horses and especially cattle are an important source of wealth for the Djerma, and there has long been a trade pattern whereby cattle are driven south for sale in coastal countries. Milk is an important element of the daily diet. Horses are kept by important persons, and in the past the Djerma were skilled cavalrymen.


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Weight368,5 g