Old Fine Gurage Headrest – Ethiopia


Hard wood, beautiful patina. Cm. 15,3 high x cm. 16,3 width (6.02“x 6.42″); grams 542,5 (19.14 oz.).

The Gurage people are an Habesha Ethiosemitic-speaking ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia. The Gurage people traditionally inhabit a fertile, semi-mountainous region in southwest Ethiopia, about 125 kilometers southwest of Addis Ababa, bordering the Awash River in the north, the Gibe River (a tributary of the Omo River) to the southwest, and Lake Zway in the east.

Their origins are explained by traditions of a military expedition to the south during the last years of the Kingdom of Aksum, which left military colonies that eventually became isolated from both northern Ethiopia and each other.


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Weight700 g