Old Fine Gurunsi Ring – Chameleons – Burkina Faso

Bronze. Cm. 3,3 high x 2,6 width (1.30″ x 1.02″); inner diameter cm. 2,2 (0.87″); Gr. 22,6 (0.80 oz.).

Due to its physically mutating nature and adaptability, the Chameleon is a symbol of wisdom

The Gurunsi are a set of related ethnic groups inhabiting northern Ghana and south and central Burkina Faso.

Oral traditions of the Gurunsi hold that they originated from the western Sudan near Lake Chad. While it is unknown when the migration occurred, it is believed that the Gurunsi were present in their current location by 1100 AD.

Following the 15th century, when the Mossi states were established to the north, Mossi horsemen often raided Gurunsi areas for slaves, but the Gurunsi peoples were never fully subjugated, remaining independent.


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Weight22,6 g