Old Fine Kuba Basket – DR Congo – Excellent Conditions

Old Fine Kuba Basket – DR Congo – Excellent Conditions


Mid 20th century. Diameter cm. 25,5 (10.04″); cm. 17,0 high (6.69″).

Kuba, also called Bakuba, a cluster of about 16 Bantu-speaking groups in southeastern Congo (Kinshasa), living between the Kasai and Sankuru rivers east of their confluence.

The Kuba are united in a kingdom, ruled by the central Bushongo group, which emerged about 1600. The groups are divided into lineages related through matrilineal descent; the lineages are segments of numerous dispersed clans.

Nature spirits and the spirits of dead kings dominate Kuba religion. Nearly all objects of daily use are decorated, and carved wooden figurines, initiation masks, cups, and beautifully embroidered handwoven raffia cloth are especially prized for export.


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