Old Kirdi Apron – Cache Sexe – PIKURAN – Cameroon

1960′. Leather, cowrie shells, iron rings. Cm. 26,5 high x cm. 16,5 width (10.43″ x 6.5”); grams 210,5 (7.43 oz.)

A cache-sexe, or pikuran, from the Kirdi people of Cameroon. The name of Kirdi – which in Arabic means non-Muslim – is attributed to the many ethnic groups, animist, of Sudanese origin, who live in the northern Cameroon: Mafa, Massa, Kapsikì, Mundang …

These were worn for celebrations, rituals and rites of passage by women who had reached puberty for protection against the evil eye and also to attract attention. The government of Cameroon since 1961, has outlawed the use of cache sexe, but the practice continues under cover of robes.


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Weight210.5 g