Old Mossi Bronze Amulet – Burkina Faso

Old Mossi Bronze Amulet – Burkina Faso


1970. The necklace is 60,0 cm long; the bronze pendant is cm. 12,0 high x cm. 6,7; Grams 193,1.

Lost wax casting. Mold is destroyed every time; each object is a unique piece.

The Mossi are a Gur ethnic group originally from modern Burkina Faso, mainly the Volta River basin.

According to tradition, the Mossi derive from the marriage of a princess Mamprusi and a hunter Mandé. Yennenga was a warrior princess, daughter of a Mamprusi king in eastern Ghana. While exploring her kingdom astride her, she lost her way and was saved by Rialé, a lonely Mandé hunter. They married and gave birth to the first authentic Mossi, Ouedraogo, who is recognized as the father of the Mossi people.


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