Old Rashaida Silver Ring – Sudan


Mid 20th century. Silver tested high degree. Gr. 18,2 (0.64 oz.); cm. 4,5 high (1.77″); diameter max cm. 2,4 (0.94″), inner diameter max cm. 2,1 (0.83″). US size 9.25.

The Rashaida is a tribe of ethnic Bedouin Arabs descending from Hawazin native to the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia. In 1846, many Rashaida migrated from the Hejaz region in present-day Saudi Arabia into what is now Sudan. The Rashaida are also the smallest ethnic group currently present in Eritrea.

For more information and similar examples, see “A World of Rings” by Anne van Cutsem, page 32.


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