Antique Ceremonial Fan – Bono Tribe – Brong-Ahafo, Ghana – RARE


Early 20th century. Brass grams 1.148 (40,49 oz.). Cm. 41,8 high x cm. 24,5 width (16.46″ x 9.65″).

Ceremonial fans are in the domain of women and belong to queen mothers. They are exclusive objects which draw attention to a high rank. The majority of these rare objects is carved in wood. Brass or copper ones are rare.

This antique fan shows geometrical figures on one side. Tribal repair on the left side. Although slightly damaged this rare object is a true museum item.

These fans are made and used especially by the Bono people, an Akan people of West Africa.

For more informations, see The arts of Ghana, Herbert M. Cole; page 54.


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