Antique Fine Gurunsi Bracelet – African Currency – Burkina Faso

Early to mid 20th century. Copper gr. 451,5 (15.93 oz.); diameter cm. 8,5 (3.35″).

The Gurunsi are a set of related ethnic groups inhabiting northern Ghana and south and central Burkina Faso.

There are numerous ethnic sub-groups among the Gurunsi, such as: the Frafra, Nabt and Talensi in Ghana; the Ko, Lyele, Nuni and Sisaala in Burkina Faso. The sub-groups Kassena and Nankani inhabit both Ghana and Burkina Faso. Although characterized by neither a common language nor common political institutions, the social, economic, and religious practices of these sub-groups are sufficiently similar for them to constitute a distinct cultural unit.


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Weight600 g