Antique Spiral Bracelet – African Currency – MITAKO – Teke Tribe – Congo / Gabon

Copper and zinc alloy. 19th century. Diameter cm. 7,4; inner diameter cm. 6,0; Cm. 3,4 high; gr. 347,1.

The name of the tribe shows what the occupation of the tribe was: trading. The word teke means ‘to sell’. The economy of the Teke is mainly based on farming maize, millet and tobacco, but the Teke are also hunters, skilled fishermen and traders. The Teke lived in an area across Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon. The mfumu was the head of the family and his prestige grew as family members increased. The Teke sometimes chose blacksmiths as chiefs. The blacksmiths were important in the community and this occupation was passed down from father to son.

For similar examples and more informations see “The Perfect Form”, by Roberto Ballarini page 234.


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