Authentic Headrest – Banna Tribe – Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia


Cm. 17,3 high x cm. 15,3 high (6.81″ x 6.02″); gr. 222,5 (7.84 oz.).

The Banna people are an ethnic group in Ethiopia inhabiting the Lower Omo Valley, primarily between the Weyto and Omo rivers. They live in an area between the towns of Gazer and Dimeka with the traditional area of the Banna being divided into two ritual regions, Ailama (which is around Gazer) and Anno (spanning from Benata to Dimeka).

They engage primarily in agriculture and supplement this by pastoralism, hunting, and gathering. They are mainly Animist,  however, several thousand are Muslim and Christian, and they have their own king.




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Weight222.5 g