Authentic Tribal Used Dan Cloth – Touba, Côte d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast


Cotton. The piece is cm. 160,0 x cm 109,0 high (62.99″ x 42.91″). This fabric, handmade by the Baule weavers, was collected in the village about 20 kilometers east of Touba.

The Dan are a Mande ethnic group from northwestern Ivory Coast and neighboring Liberia. The Dan originally came from the western Sudan region to the north, part of present-day Mali and Guinea. The Dan had a reputation as a fierce warrior society. One notable warrior chief was Grougbay Zobaneeay.

The Dan traditionally divided themselves into alliance groups associated with clans but of only occasional centralized political organization (i.e., in time of war). Neighbourhoods in larger villages (created as the government seeks more efficient administration) or towns in Côte d’Ivoire like Man and Danané reflect these older affiliations. Kinship is bilateral, involving important bonds to fathers’ and mothers’ patrilineages. Most marriages are monogamous.


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