Beautiful Senufo Bronze Helmet Mask – NOO – Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast


Bronze, grams 2.330 (5.14 lb). Diameter cm. 18,8 (7.40″); cm 15,0 high width (5.91″).

Two figures of ancestors (man and woman) with hands open at navel level; two large chameleons that cross the entire helmet; beautiful decorations with typical Senufo symbols. The ‘noo’ masks are worn by healers.

The Senufo peoples consist of more than thirty subgroups with many local variations of language and custom, and occupy a large area that spans the national boundaries of Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Burkina Faso. Among Senufo males, participation and completion of Poro society rituals is universal. Initiation societies like Poro extend across kinship lines and household ties and create a vital sense of cohesion within the community. In a highly structured series of age grades and corresponding rites, the initiate “walks the path of Poro,” which leads to responsibility, wisdom, and maturity. Graduation ceremonies, characterized by strenuous masquerade performances, are moments of great joy and pride, as the men assume positions of greater respect and authority within their community.


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