Old Yoruba Kneeling Figure Holding Offering Bowl (Olumeye) – Ekiti, Nigeria


Wood, cm. 38,0 high x cm. 26,0 width (14.96″ x 10.24″). Grams 892,0 (31.46 oz). Former german collection. Beautiful patina.

A Yoruba kneeling female figure on a circular base, supporting an elongated torso arms holding a lidded bowl in the form of a rooster, a smoothly carved head with large eyes and ears sporting a tall crested hairstyle with elaborate incisions. Smaller female figures with protruding breasts sit under the main figure’s arms and also on top of the arms. She bears an amulet around her neck , in the back a female figure, possibly a baby.

This female figure is named Olumeye (“one who knows honor”) and serves as a messenger to the spirits.


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