Mursi Head Adornment – Lower Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia

Decorated leather, aluminium and bronze rings. Approx. cm. 55,0 width  x cm. 82,0 high (21.65″ x 32.28″). Good overall conditions; holes on the animal skin due to use.

The Mursi live in an almost inaccessible area between the Mago and Omo Rivers. They are predominantly pastoral but they are also engage in limited agriculture. The Mursi are a tall, striking race, with an aggressive reputation. The men only wear a blanket tied over one shoulder, the woman a similar fashioned goatskin. Both sexes cut their hair very short and shaved designs into it. The women are famed for wearing large plates in their lips and ears.

Piece directly collected in Omo Valley. We guarantee that this item has been tribally used.


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Weight350 g