Old Fine Bird Shaped Ceremonial Knife – Kota – Gabon

1960′. Brass. Cm. 36,5 high x cm. 25,0 width (14.37″ x 9.84″); weight: grams 1.162,0 (40.99 oz.).
Mistakenly these knives are called Throwing Knives, although they were never meant to be used as a weapon. They are mostly ceremonial and also used in certain religious processions . The shape of the blade is in the style of the Hornbill head, a bird much admired in Africa, hence the usual title “bird head knife”.

The Bakota (or Kota) are a Bantu ethnic group from the northeastern region of Gabon and Congo. The true meaning of Bakota is unclear, however it may be derived from the word kota, which means to bind/to attach/to link, hereby suggesting they view themselves as a united people bound by a common fate.



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