Old Fine Dan Female Figure – Mampleu Village – Côte d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast


Wood, raffia fibres. The mask is cm. 23,3 high x cm. 14,5 width (9.17″ x 5.70″).

A Dan female figure, from Mampleu village (Man region), standing on large feet, bent muscular legs, accentuated genitals, a columnar torso with a pointed navel and hanging cone-shaped breasts, square shoulders terminating in arms held away from the body, short hands, the elongated ridged neck supporting an oval head, a slightly open diamond-shaped mouth, a short nose with a broad tip, slit eyes beneath thick high arched brows, a domed forehead, large ears with a significant tragus, the torso covered with scarification marks of varied patterns on the front and the backside, the head is capped by a three-parted striated coiffure partly made from raffia; blackened patina with traces of ages and ritual use and cracks.


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