Old Fine Kapsiki Bracelet – North Cameroon / Northeast Nigeria


Mid 20th century. Bronze; grams 239,7 (8.46 oz.); Cm. 7,2 high x cm 10,5 width (2.83″ x 4.13″); inner diameter cm. 6,5 (2.56″).

Kapsiki is a people living on both sides of the border between North Cameroon and Northeast Nigeria. They are called Kapsiki in Cameroon, and Kamwe (Higi) in Nigeria. Together they amount to about 120,000 people.

They are considered one of Cameroon’s Kirdi (pagan) ethnic groups due to their resistance to Islamisation during the Fulani jihad of Modibo Adama and Hama Yaji.


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Weight239.7 g