Old Large Sculptural Wandala Battle Shield – Northern Cameroon

Old Large Sculptural Wandala Battle Shield – Northern Cameroon


Early to mid 20th century. Thick pachyderm leather. Cm. 84,0 high x cm. 59,5 width (33.07″ x 23.43″). Very good conditions.

The Wandala make shields by embossing designs into either leather hides or metal forms.

Has a rectangular raised centre with a double compass design around it defined. A beautiful item in good condition still with ochre marks and hair residue on the leather. The handle is leather with hide covering.

The Wandala are a Central African Muslim ethnic group found in north Cameroon northeastern Nigeria, and southeastern Chad.

Their historic lands have been midst a densely populated river valley surrounded by volcanic mountains rich in iron ore, famed as a horse breeding area.  The Wandala people wear Muslim dress typically of northern Africa, and they carry leather amulets around their neck that contains verses from the Quran.


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