Old Senufo Kpelie Mask – Ivory Coast


Wood traces of white and red pigments cm. 30,2 high x cm. 16,0 width (11.89″ x 6.30″). Cm. 38,5 (15.75″) on the stand (included).

Senoufo kpelié mask, elongated face with diagonal scarification marks on the cheeks, bulging forehead underneath a kalao bird with its long beak resting on the forehead, the mask rim pierced with round small attachment holes, the appendages usual for this type of mask symmetrically arranged on both sides and also decorated with ornaments, the mouth a small protruding square block with geometrical ornament, thin-walled with a middle brown patina and with white and red pigments.

In general this type of mask is symbolizing an ideal woman. Kpelie masks are usually oval in shape with arched crescent shaped eyebrows over narrow slit eyes. The small mouth opens below a slender nose. Scarification marks add to presentation of what is considered beautiful to the Senufo. On either side of the temples are semicircular and rectangular shapes that represent the stylized coiffure worn by Senufo mothers; the center shapes at the side representing ears. There are often two appendages on either side of the chin, “legs” that connect the spirit to the earth.The unique features which characterize the Kpelie mask include elongated flanges radiating from the bottom part of the mask, which are a reference to the hornbill bird.


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