Old Tribally Used Bamana (Bambara) Mask – N’tomo Society – Mali


1970. Wood, vegetable fibres. Cm. 65,0 high x cm 18,0 width (25.59″ x 7.09″). Grams 1.124 (39.65 oz).

An typical old Bamana (Bambara) old mask used for initiation ceremonies of the ‘N’tomo society’ of the Bambara in Mali. With four approx. 20 cm high peaks, one over the forehead, where there is also an attached cord. Elongated face with a long nose, round eyeholes set back at the level of the cheeks in a typical manner and a protruding mouth. Half-round ears under the chin a knotted piece of cord to hold the mask; Carved from hard, brown wood and covered in black aged patina; only a few cracks, but good general condition.

The Ntomo, a society of the as-yet uncircumcised children, is well-known in the West thanks to its beautiful masks and the classical book by Dominique Zahan “Sociétés d’initiation Bambara: le N’domo, Le Korè” (1960).


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