Vintage Kuna Hand Sewn Textile – Mola – Panama


Cotton. Cm. 36,0 x cm. 30,0 (14.17″ x 11.18″).

In the 16th century the Kuna, Indian people who once occupied the central region of what is now Panama and the neighbouring San Blas Islandswere, were an important group living in federated villages under chiefs, who had considerable power. The principal effects of European contact were to destroy the political superstructure of the Kuna and to modify the social and religious systems. In modern times they live in small villages and depend primarily on agriculture for subsistence, supplemented by fishing and hunting. Marriage is matrilocal, giving rise to extended families of several generations in which the son-in-law is under the authority of his wife’s father. Religion centres on shamans who cure the sick and practice various types of divination. The sun and moon were formerly major deities.


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Weight250 g