Old Moorish Bracelet – KHAL KHAL – West Africa

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Old Moorish Bracelet – KHAL KHAL – West Africa

Mid 20th century. Silver gr. 59,2 (2.10 oz.); cm. 6,7 width x cm. 6,3 high (2.63″ x 2.48″); inner diameter cm 6,5 (2.55″). The central talisman is cm. 3,0 x cm 3,2 (1.18″ x 1.25″).

The Guedra is a ritual dance of love, performed by women for benefit of men. It is a ballet of hands and feet: sometimes the dancer stands, but more often she squats, covered in a black weil which revels only the complex movements of her hennaed hands and feet. The henna designs focus attention on the hands and feet and are of protective significance.

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