African Currency

African Currency – TETELA / NKUTSHU – DR Congo

The piece is cm. 23,8 high (9.37″). Grams 320,0 (11.29 oz.) Copper bar with a bulge in the middle, circular section, extremities with punched designs. Produced by the Nkutshu living on the course of the river Lokenic. For a similar example see: "The Perfect Form", by Roberto Ballarini, page 294. "African [...]

African Currency – CHAMBA – Donga Region, Nigeria

Iron. 19th century. Cm. 27,0 high x 14,5 width (10.63 x 5.71 Inches); grams 502,0 (17.71 oz.). Currency with a large hoe-shaped quadrangular tip and a vey curved, tub-like profile. For similar examples and more informations see: “The Perfect Form”, by Roberto Ballarini, page 166; “African Currency”, by Adolfo Bartolomucci, [...]

African Currency – IDOMA – Nigeria

Iron. Early 20th century. Cm. 80,3 high x 18,8 width (31.61 x 7.40 Inches); gr. 613,3 (21.63 oz.). The surface of the iron is scratch-worked with the characteristic undulations of the metal on the back side. This currency was wide-spread in the southern part of the Benné river valley. For similar [...]