Other Adornement

Cache Sexe – PIKURAN – KIRDI – Cameroon

Leather, cotton. Without fringes, the cache-sexe is cm. 15,5 high x cm. 12,5 width (6.10" x 4.92"). The name of Kirdi - which in Arabic means that infidel non-Muslim - is attributed to the many ethnic groups, animist, of Sudanese origin, who live in the northern Cameroon: Mafa, Massa, Kapsikì, Mundang ... These [...]

Berber Belt – Algeria

Mid 20th century. Silver. Gr. 59,6 (2.10 oz.); cm. 104,0 in lenght (40.94"). Berbers are the indigenous ethnic group of North Africa. They are continuously distributed from the Atlantic to the Siwa oasis in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean to the Niger River. The name Berber appeared for the first time after the end of the Roman Empire. Many Berbers [...]

Two Old Lip Plugs – Pokot – Uganda

Early 20th century. Bronze 1 - cm 3,4 high x cm. 2,7 width; grams 3, 2 - cm. 1,7 high x cm. 1,5 width; grams 9,8. The Pokot people live in West Pokot County and Baringo County in Kenya and in the Pokot District of the eastern Karamoja region in Uganda. They form [...]

Two Old Lip Plugs – Kirdi – Northern Cameroon

Early 20th century. Bronze (lovely old patina) and Quartz (rare item). The bronze lip plug is cm 1,5 high; diameter cm 2,4; grams 11,3. The Quartz lip plug (small damage to the edges) is cm 2,2 high; diameter 4,5; grams 22,9. The name of Kirdi - which in Arabic means non-Muslim - is attributed to the [...]

Hamar Waistband – Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia

Approx. cm. 74,5 long x cm. 9,0 high (29.33" x 3.54"). The Hamar, principally pastoralists, are the most readily identifiable of all the peoples of the South Omo. Women wear an elaborately decorated goatskin, often colored with beads and cowries. Beadede necklaces, bracelets and waistbands adorn their bodies, which, [...]