Old Pair Berber Bracelets – Ait Atta Tribe – Morocco

Early to mid 20th century. Tribal metal grams 468,4 (16.52 oz.); diameter cm. 8,0 (3.15″), inner diameter cm. 6,0 (2.36″).

The Ait Atta are a large Berber tribal confederation of South eastern Morocco. They are divided into “five fifths” (khams khmas), all said to descend from the forty sons of their common ancestor Dadda Atta: these “fifths” are the Ait Ouallal, Ait Ouahlim, Ait Isfoul, Ait Yazza and Ait Ounbgi. They speak Central Atlas Tamazight. The Ait Atta originated as a political entity in the Jbel Saghro region in the 16th century with the founding of their traditional capital Igherm Amazdar.


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