Antique Shield – TOPOSA – South Sudan – Former Belgian Collection


Former Belgian collection; collected in 1912. Embossed thick skin. Beautiful braided leather binding of the wooden handle. Cm. 52,0 high x cm. 25,5 width (20.47″ x 10.04″). Excellent general conditions.

The Toposa are an ethnic group in South Sudan, living in the Greater Kapoeta region.

The Toposa language is a Nilotic language. It belongs to the Turkana group, which also includes Karamojong of Uganda, Nyangatom of Ethiopia and Turkana of Kenya.

Possession of cattle, along with possession of a spear and a shield, were the main measures of status and wealth. Cattle are central to Toposa culture. The Toposa have always competed for water and pasturage with their neighbors, and have always engaged in cattle rustling. The traditional Toposa weapon was a long throwing spear, used in raids in conjunction with a shield. The attacker would run forward zigzagging to dodge missiles, hurl his spear and then retreat, ready to ambush a pursuing enemy.


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