Antique African Knife – Mongo / Saka – DR Congo – Former Belgian Collection


1920-1930. Beautiful forged iron double shear shaped blade engraved on both sides placed in a wodden and baskettery sheath. Wodden handle. Period patina. The piece is 38,8 high (15.28″); the blade is 26,1 long (10.28″). Grams 343,1 (12,1 oz.). Former belgian collection.

The Mongo people are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the equatorial forest of Central Africa. They are the second largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, highly influential in its north region.

The Mongo people, despite their diversity, share a common legend wherein they believe that they are the descendants of a single ancestor named Mongo. They also share similarities in their language and social organization, but also have differences. There are many Mongo sub-ethnic groups such as Bolia, Bokote, Bongandu, Ekonda, Iyaelima, Konda, Mbole, Mpama, Nkutu, Ntomba, Saka, Sengele, Songomeno, Dengese and Tetela-Kusu, Bakutu, Boyela, ….


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