Old Abron Fertility Doll – Akua Ba – Ghana


Hard wood; cm. 24,0 high (9.45″). Grams 212,2 (7.49 oz.).

Akua Ba are wooden ritual fertility dolls from Ivory Coast, Ghana and nearby areas. Traditionally, these dolls are carried on the back of women either hoping to conceive a child, or to ensure the attractiveness of the child being carried. When not in active use, the akua’ba would be ritually washed and cared for. The treatment of the Akua’ba has been described as an example of traditional beliefs that corresponds to the occult belief of sympathetic magic.

Traditional use does continue in some areas. The form of the akua’ba has also gained currency as a general symbol of good luck.

The Abron, also called the Brong and the Bono, are an Akan people of West Africa. Abron is one of the largest ethnic group of Akan and are matrilineal people. In the late fifteenth century, the Abron people founded the Gyaaman kingdom in what is now Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.


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