Old KIPSIGIS Shield – Sotik Region, Kenya – RARE ITEM

Old KIPSIGIS Shield – Sotik Region, Kenya – RARE ITEM


Early to mid 20th century. Thick pachyderm leather. Cm. 100,5 high x cm. 57,5 width (39.57″ x 22.64″). Excellent conditions.

The Kipsigis are a South Eastern Nilotic people who live in Kenya and Tanzania and are a part of the Kalenjin-speaking group of peoples who alongside other Highland Nilotes of the African Great Lakes Region make up the Kalenjin ethnic group.

The name “Kipsigis” is derived from two elements: kip, meaning a group or collection of people; and sigis, meaning “the birthing/delivery process of babies.” Therefore, “Kipsigis” can be translated as “a prolific group/tribe.”

Culture among the Kipsigis shows little change over time. Cultural values include spiritualism and the sacred and cyclical nature of life. The Kipsigis believe all elements of the natural world are connected, that good deeds never go unnoticed, and that bad deeds lead to consequences in various forms.

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